I wanted to reach back out to you regarding an Amazon Wish list. I got together with Ricardo, our Pantry Manager and he said the following items would be the most helpful at this time.

  • Tooth brush/tooth paste

  • Pasta (any shape, 1 pound size)

  • Cereal (any flavor, 15oz size)

  • Canned vegetables

On Amazon Smile – we are listed as Beyond Hunger (formerly Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry). If you search us, I think either the old name or the new name will come up.  I’ve never created a wish list before so let me know what I need to do to make this happen.


Thanks so much for your support!


Best regards and stay well,



Teri Miller

Director of Development

Beyond Hunger


708-613-4200  phone



Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Global Ministries and UMCOR have given half a million dollars in direct assistance to communities affected by COVID-19. This includes support for:

  • Food pantries in the U.S., Latin America, Africa and the Philippines

  • Personal protective equipment, sanitation equipment and water

  • Toilet paper, diapers, facial tissue and hygiene products

  • Utilities assistance

The need, though, remains great. Requests are received daily from churches and ministry partners in the U.S. and around the world - your help is needed today!

100% of your gift to the Sheltering in Love UMCOR COVID-19 Response Fund will immediately address the basic needs of many vulnerable communities.

Your gift today will demonstrate compassion and care.

Even as you shelter in place, you can be there for others.
Please give, today.


We’ve all felt fear, stress and loss during this pandemic. But today, will you take a moment to read about how the situation is unfolding in Haiti?

Before the coronavirus reached Haiti, the nation was already facing crises that were piling up. Political instability has led to several lockdowns in recent months. Food has become expensive and harder to find. Families and communities are still on the road to recovery from the disasters that have battered the nation in the last decade. Then: the pandemic and even more shutdowns. It has been a relentless cycle of loss and struggle, fear and hunger. Coronavirus is now putting further strain on a system that was already stretched too far.

Every time they get knocked down, these families you’ve helped over the years work so hard to get back on their feet. But the reality for many of them facing today’s extraordinary challenges is that, “it is not a question of how often they eat; they eat accidentally, by a miracle.”

With your support, we’ve started a multi-step plan to turn this “miracle” into daily life. You’re helping families towards good health and a life with enough food. To learn more, please read this powerful update from CWS' Country Representative in Haiti, Margot de Greef.

Thank you for staying connected to the needs of others in this difficult time.