Jesus’ parables of the kingdom show us glimpses of life as God intends it to be lived They contain clues to how we may live differently, more according to God's wishes, right now!  In these parables, Jesus tells us about the reign of God so that we can be agents of its in-breaking into our world!

We are in the season of Easter, sometimes called “Eastertide.”  Through this season we will be exploring two categories of the kingdom parables: “the kingdom of God disrupts business as usual” and “the kingdom of God is a reign of Justice and Forgiveness.”  In (Categories from Alyce McKenzie) In this series, we are sharing the messages with two other congregations, so you will also hear messages from Rev. Alka Lyall (Broadway UMC) and Rev. Krista Paradisio (Northbrook UMC).  


The Reign of God Disrupts Business as Usual

April 18:  The Weeds and the Wheat (Mt 13: 24-30)  Alka Lyall 

April 25:   The Feast (Mt 22: 1-14)  Krista Paradisio  

May 2:  Workers in the Vineyard (Mt 20: 1-15)  Alka Lyall 


May 9 The Two Sons (Mt 21: 28-32)  Katherine Paisley

May 16: The Talents (Mt 25: 14-28)  Katherine Paisley


The Reign of God is Forgiveness and Justice

May 23:  Pentecost

May 30 The Sower and the Soils (Mt 13: 3b-8)  Katherine Paisley

This will be Pastor Katherine’s last Sunday.


Pastor Kelli Harrison will be preaching on additional kingdom parables during the month of June. 


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