Our missions program provides members and friends of our congregation opportunities to serve in the ministry of Christ. Adults, youth, and children are involved in a variety of volunteer and fundraising projects throughout the year in support of our mission projects.

Seeing Needs Locally

Our church is a supporting member of the Oak Park River Forest Community of Congregations. We host and provide volunteers and funds for overnight shelter on a weekly basis for the homeless in our community through the Housing Forward PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) program. In addition, we provide support and volunteers to the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, the Holiday Food and Gift Program, Prevail Emergency AssistanceHephzibah Children’s Association, and the annual CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walkathon. We make annual donations to local agencies which provide assistance to women and children in our community.

Seeing Needs Beyond Our Community

We provide support to a variety of city/state, national, and international mission projects. These include: Mercy Ships, McCurdy Mission School in New Mexico, UMCOR Disaster Relief, Children’s Fund for Christian Mission, Methodist Youth Services, Sister Churches, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), Navajo United Methodist Center in New Mexico, and Fair Trade Coffee. Our Fifth Sunday offerings help to support Rev. Jose Roberto Pena-Nazario, our covenant missionary in Honduras.











Social Advocacy

In additional to volunteer activities and financial gifts, we encourage social advocacy to address the causes of social injustice. We believe we can and must use our voice and our skills to advocate on behalf of those less fortunate. Promoting ecological stewardship of the earth, our congregation has accepted the challenges of creating a green Church, promoting racial justice, interfaith relationships, and immigration.

Immigration is another focus for missions this year.  Learn about Northern Illinois Justice for our Neighbors (NIJFON) to talk about the ways that they are assisting our immigrant neighbors.

Youth and Children in Mission:  We know that mission work changes lives, but never more so than when our youth and children are involved.  An early mission experience gives them a different worldview.  This summer we held a Peace Camp 

Safe Water is an urgent need in many places around the world.  This is one of our areas of focus for learning and action this year. Our goal is to provide the funds for a well in an area of need. Learn more about the UMC Water program here. 


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