Doing Life Together: Building Community for Families Affected by Disabilities

My name is Jonathan Cummings and I am the Senior Associate Pastor at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park. I wanted to send you a formal invitation to an upcoming workshop at Calvary this Saturday, August 25. For about the last year another colleague of mine, Heidi Amsler, and I have been meeting with families in our church who have members of their family with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. In our conversations with them we have learned so much! The culmination of these conversations lead us to reach out to Joni & Friends to help us host a workshop. The sessions and workshops are geared toward helping local churches and faith communities to better integrate those with disabilities into the life of the church.

This Saturday Calvary is partnering with Joni & Friends to host Doing Life Together: Building Community for Families Affected by Disabilities. This is open to any and everyone. We would love to have staff and congregants from other churches and faith communities join us. If you are interested you can REGISTER online. The $15 fee covers lunch.

If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!

Best, Jonathan

Jonathan Cummings Senior Associate Pastor Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park