This Summer we are having simpler coffee hours that still provide a time for Fellowship and greeting. To this end, we have provided environmental disposable paper plates and cups, and the already prepared coffee in the percolator.

We ask you to provide non-elaborate things like cold water or ice tea, lemonade, cookies, some fruit like grapes, maybe some cheese and crackers (only limitations:, avoid foods with nuts, and something gluten-free helps).

There will be a table at the front of the Fellowship Hall, on which to spread the provided tablecloth, and the items you brought. The percolator should be on a cart behind to table.

Plan to do your setup before 10:00 a.m. worship time. After the worship service stand behind the table to help people get the drinks etc. After coffee hour please clean up by taking supplies back to kitchen, dispose of cups and plates, rinse pitchers & percolator. Location of trays, platters, utensils, pitchers, etc. are posted in the kitchen.

Ed Hiestand has sign-up sheets, and you may also call the office. Fellowship time after worship service is important and you can help!