Mission Moment for June 9

CWS REFUGEE RATION CHALLENGE First UMC of Oak Park has formed a team in support of CWS Refugee Ration Challenge https://www.rationchallengeusa.org/

For one week, the week of June 16-23 (World Refugee Week) we will be eating only the same food as a Syrian Refugee. We will each have 4 lbs. of rice, 8 oz. lentils, 3 oz. dried chickpeas, 3.75 oz canned sardines, 15.5 oz. canned kidney beans, 12 oz. vegetable oil and 14 oz. flour for the week. That’s it. No coffee, no sugar, no chocolate, no ice cream. If you would like to support us or become part of our team (Joyce, Katherine, Virginia, and Emily) go to https://my.rationchallengeusa.org/t/firstunitedmethodistchurchinoakpark or talk to one of us.

If you would like to experience a sample of what our week will be like, stay briefly after church on June 16. You will have a chance to taste some of our food and make a contribution to the team. A taste, nothing like what 25.4 million refugees worldwide, 2.6 million “lucky” enough to be in camps experience.

On Sunday June 16 we will have a speaker from Refugee One to tell more of the refugees experience.