Mission Moment & Second Sunday Coin Collection

MISSION MOMENT Please mail in your special offerings in support of our missionary -- or you can do a bank check to the church with MISSIONARY in the note line.  But Please remember to enclose the envelope with a wet paper towel or clean sponge and not your mouth. Thank you!  SECOND SUNDAY COIN COLLECTION The Second Sunday coin collections for the rest of this year will go to Heifer Project. Since our church supports Jose Roberto Pena-Nazario, a missionary in Honduras, we decided to also support a flagship Heifer Project in Honduras called Leveraging Success, Honduras https://www.heifer.org/our-work/flagship-projects/leveraging-success-honduras.html . In this project, Heifer works with small and medium enterprises to close the income gap. A family of five living in Honduras needs an annual income of approximately $4400 to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, education and healthcare. The average income in Choluteca, Copan, Santa Barbara and Olancho where this program operates is $2300/year. This project will reach about 24,000 families by working with 300 enterprises and farmer associations and provide technical support and training to boost yields of high quality, reliable products for high-value markets. You will be hearing more about bees and cows as the year goes on.