New Family Health Center Opening in Willowbrook

On March 5, 2019, Pillars Community Health will open a new Family Health Center at Anne M. Jeans Elementary School in Willowbrook. Affordable medical and dental services will be available to all low-income residents in the area, with a particular focus on providing access to families in the Burr Ridge School District (CCSD 180).

Pillars Community Health began working with the school in 2016, through outreach to families. The establishment of regular clinical services on-site at Anne M. Jeans School is part of the District’s plan to enhance school services in response to community needs.

“Families in the Burr Ridge School District struggle with the same challenges that affect many low-income households, including financial, linguistic, and logistical barriers to accessible health care,” says Superintendent Tom Schneider. “Our families currently would have to travel about 10 miles in either direction to find a community health center. That is not always feasible in households with one parent, an inflexible work schedule, and often unreliable transportation. Offering these services on-site makes so much sense. Our students, their parents, and siblings can get their school physicals and dental check-ups right here. They will be healthier and better prepared to learn.”


We are so grateful to the family of Marge and Jack Burke, who made a generous donation to help us open this new Health Center. We also extend our thanks to the

Syrian American Medical Society for their financial and service contributions,

and to the Anne Jeans School Board for getting behind this effort.