Set the Tone of Generosity with Testimony - Pastor Katherine Attending!

Two different days and locations, same summit, choose a day: 8:30 registration, 9:00 keynote, 12:30 depart Saturday, August 11, Trinity UMC, Freeport Saturday, August 18, First UMC of La Grange $25 per person, $75 per church group of 3+

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Generosity in churches flows from a culture of being in mission together and feeling part of something bigger than yourself, but often local church cultures are held back by distractions and a lack of hope.

Come, be inspired by Dr. Saul Ebema to name the obstacles and overcome them so your church can move on to change and action!

Watch this video testimony of Saul's harrowing journey from Sudan to South Africa and finally to the United States.

In addition to Dr. Ebema's keynote presentation, there will be two additional presenters in the TED talk style, "Setting the tone of generosity for ..." "Fun?"Raising for Youth Ministry - Hattie Koher, Director of Youth Ministry, First UMC of La Grange

MBWA ("Ministry by Walking Around") for Outreach - Rev. Robert Biekman, Maple Park UMC, Chicago Each presentation ("testimony") will be followed by significant time for Q&A, small group discussion, and a break. Snacks for grazing and beverages to quench thirst will be provided. The summit ends at 12:30 (lunch not included).