Staff Notes from March 18th

From Pastor Katherine: One of the opportunities that we have in this COVID-19 world is the opportunity to show compassion.  We show it in many ways, beyond simply keeping physical distance to ward off contagion.  Please check in with folks who may feel socially isolated.  Please help with groceries or medication delivery for folks unable to get out.  (Normal delivery services are swamped!)  Even sharing rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer are acts of kindness and compassion. One thing I have been doing for a while is praying for people over the phone.  One of our church families was in California and tragedy struck.  I couldn't be there, and praying by phone was a meaningful way for us to connect.  Since then, I've prayed over the phone with people before early morning surgery and who were contagious.  Now is another opportunity.  Instead of telling people you are praying for them -- say the prayer while they are on the phone with you.  You will feel God's presence differently -- and so will they. What other ways can we connect with each other across our safe physical distance?

From our Office Administrator: Thank you for you patience as we figure out how to best serve the congregation during this difficult time. As of right now, I will be doing most of my work from home. Please feel free to reach to We are working towards strengthening our online communications and offerings, so please stay tuned for updates! Blessings to all.

MESSAGE FROM TRUSTEES ABOUT FACILITIES STAFF HOURS: Effective immediately, our Facilities Manager Mike Dutka and Custodian Kevin Reese will have altered hours in order to accom plish deep cleaning and other repairs in the building. If you have a need to enter the building, please call the office ahead of time, or email, and ask about the hours that the building will be staffed. Thank you.

Photo by Delano Balten on Unsplash