Worship Notes for Feb. 24th

Who have helped you grow wings to fly? Chances are good that we all have people who have helped us, encouraged us, and given us the" feathers" that we needed to fly. Leadership often shows itself in how it offers nurture and encouragement of others.

While I was serving at Irving Park there was a great deal of excitement around the day of a Chicago Civic Orchestra performance. It was really exciting to have the Civic Orchestra playing in the neighborhood -- but even more than that, Yo-Yo Ma was the guest performer for the concert. And MORE THAN THAT, Mr. Ma came and spent the day with Schurz music students. He coached, instructed, directed, encouraged and proudly wore a purple Schurz T shirt. More than a gifted musician, he demonstrated what leadership does -- it lifts others.

As we consider our growing wings, we will remember those who have helped, by their leadership and encouragement, to give us wings. Please keep the people in mind in your life who have offered you these gifts. And consider if you might call or write them to share how they have blessed you. It's a way to return the blessing! Katherine Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash