Worship Notes for Jan. 20th

Our lives are shaped what has given us roots and what has provided our wings. This week we will focus on the roots of the faith tradition which we both have inherited and as the faith we have sought, claimed and developed on our own.

“All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted.” Teresa of Avila

What faith roots nurture you? I think of the lessons of faith from our childhood: God loves each one of us. God forgives us. God wants to hear from us. Then there are the faith roots we learn in our teens: Grace is given when we do not deserve it. Love is unconditional. Relationships go both ways. family connection and how they provide us with identity and nurture. There are more faith roots that develop in us in adulthood: that there is great joy in serving and giving, that love both blesses and costs us.

These faith roots grow and develop, sometimes in ways we hadn't imagined. But they can provide a firm grounding for us through life. As we prepare for worship, consider some of your faith roots -- and how they may have helped you in your life. Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash