Worship Notes for Mar. 3rd

Have you experienced any moments of clarity lately?

For some of us they come after a health crisis -- our own or a crisis with someone we love. There is nothing like a health emergency to put things in perspective in terms of what matters and what doesn't. We realign our activities and schedules according to the needs of our loved ones. Or we determine how we want to focus our time, if we receive a diagnosis with a time limit on it.

For some of us, moments of clarity come in terms of our values. Right now there is a serious conversation in The United Methodist Church about directions for the future. While no one is excited about a split, what are the values that are so important that if they are denied we cannot remain within the denomination. Much like the colonies who declared their independence in 1776, what circumstances would be so intolerable that we cannot remain?

For others of us, it is a world crisis that provides a reevaluation of what matters. When people are starving in our extended family in a foreign country, we change our lifestyle in order to provide for them. We have German cousins who visit occasionally and tell the stories from their family of the time after WWII when they literally had nothing to eat but what was sent by their American family, and which sustained the lives of their parents and grandparents.

Moments of clarity, whichever way they come, offer us opportunities to reevaluate our lives in a fresh way to determine what really matters most to us. And then, we can reshape our lives to reflect these priorities. As we finish our worship and sermon series on Roots and Wings, we will consider what matters most and how we decide to live in light of those priorities.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash